Mini-Screws – Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD)


Temporary anchorage devices, or TADs, are ultra small titanium mini-screws anchors that are thoughtfully placed in the bone to help affect desired tooth movement. They are used in certain orthodontic cases to help achieve quicker tooth movement with more efficiency and comfort.

How are TADs placed?

The actual placement often does not require anything more than anesthetic gel on the gums! Once the area is numb, your doctor will gently place the TAD through the gum tissue and firmly into the jawbone. The placing of a TAD is quick, and may be over before you know it. While your doctor is placing the TAD, you may feel slight pressure, but within a day, you will no longer be able to feel the TAD. Your TAD is removed once your treatment is complete, or when it is no longer needed to help straighten your teeth. Removal of a TAD is a comfortable procedure that takes just a few minutes.

How can I keep my TADs clean?

A TAD can be cleaned the same way you clean your braces, by brushing your teeth at least three times a day. When your TAD is placed, we will also provide you with an anti-microbial mouthwash that you will need to use twice a day. Careful brushing and flossing are advised daily. Brushing all around each and every brace and TAD is essential to the maintenance of dental health during the orthodontic process. Special care should be taken to clean around the TADs as the soft tissues surrounding the TADs may have a greater propensity for inflammation if not properly cleaned.