About us

Specialist practice in orthodontics “TANATAREC” functions as a center for modern orthodontics and facial aesthetics.

 Our orthodontic services are offered in a completely unique and modern atmosphere using the latest knowledge in the field of orthodontics. We offer the widest assortment of professional orthodontic services for correcting teeth, correcting the ratio of the jaws and irregular oral functions. Our main goal is to help you attain a healthy, beautiful and self-confident smile that will last forever.

 We use the latest, most reliable and painless techniques that modern orthodontics can provide. With that approach, we will help you preserve your teeth and achieve a more natural transformation for them in the shortest timeframe possible. Every step in the therapy is done with the utmost care and attention to detail by using advanced technology and choosing the most effective working methods. For each patient we are evaluating their progress by keeping a small archive of digital photographs during the therapy. We strive to obtain a complete natural change and correction of the teeth in order to achieve the desirable result.

 With its experience, knowledge and modern orthodontic procedures, our team will take into consideration all possibilities for proper diagnosis and treatment plan for your therapy during the scheduled consultation appointment.

 Give us your trust, and in return we will give you a healthy and beautiful smile!

Our advantages:

  • Modern equipment
  • Implementing new technology in practice.
  • Highly effective therapy
  • Continuous professional development
  • We use the latest, most reliable and painless techniques that modern orthodontics can provide
  • Dr. Tanatаrec is one of the few orthodontists in the country who is completely dedicated through to all phases starting from orthodontic laboratory to clinical practice. His work motto is that the best orthodontic technician is the one who understands the core of the patients’ clinical problems.
  • We use a modern Sirona laser that offers laser treatment of gingiva as well as laser teeth whitening.
  • Hygienic control - There We are uncompromising when it comes to the quality of our sterilization. We use sterilization equipment that meets the highest modern requirements, thus doing everything . All is done to ensure that our patients are maximally protected.
  • Our experienced orthodontists are a team of committed professionals who will guide you through your journey to achieve your ideal smile.
  • We are a friendly team providing specialist orthodontics.