Removable Appliance

Removable appliances used to be principal means of treatment. Nowadays they are usually used for mixed dentition stage (8 – 12 years of age). Removablе appliances consist of an acrylic base and wires bent to form different shapes. The wires are connected to the base, and the base usually has some kind of screw that helps it expand and produce orthodontic force. Different constructions of the base and screw enable proper action to be applied on the teeth.

The patients themselves can remove and place the removable appliances, and the orthodontic forces act as long as the patient wears the device in the mouth. It is usually prescribed that the patient wears such appliance during the night and during the time spent at home. During different activities involving social interaction (school, hobbies etc.) it is not customary to wear the appliance, so as to avoid speech and aesthetic disturbances, which is of crucial importance for patients who are in puberty or adolescence. Removal of the appliance also enables proper oral hygiene maintenance, which can be rather demanding when it comes to fixed appliances.

A major fault in all removable appliances is the very possibility of their removal, given that the patients themselves fully control the amount of time spent in wearing such devices. Namely, patients often do not wear the appliance long enough, or because of possible inconveniences they completely avoid wearing the appliance. This is why the success of this kind of treatment completely depends on self-discipline and conscientiousness of the patient.