Sapphire Braces

The sapphire bracket system offers a unique combination of aesthetics, function and straight. There is no more reason to hide behind closed-lip smiles because you are wearing braces. Our clear sapphire braces blend in with the color of your teeth and will resist staining or discolouration throughout your treatment. They are also very small and virtually unnoticeable, making them a perfect orthodontic solution for adults and children.

If you are concerned about the “Look” of the braces, you may select a clear sapphire braces. These work in exactly the same way as the metal brace and serve to function as a handle on the tooth. They are extremely clear and equally small like the metal braces. The braces are also made to be stain-resistant.

Benefits of Sapphire braces :

  • These braces are made of pure sapphire crystal making them invisible to the people around you. Most people won’t even know you have braces on.
  • They are Translucent: Adapts perfectly to the colour of the teeth and do not discolour.
  • This clear sapphire bracket system offers a unigue combination of aesthetics, function and straight.
  • Sapphire braces use a 3D technique of manufactoring and combining with white archwires makes the braces to be less noticeable in the mouth.
  • You get the benefit of traditional braces, but in a less obtrusive way.