BeInvisible Aligner System

Clear, simple, beautiful.

Unmatched in precision quality, the BeInvisible Clear Aligner System is designed for patients who want a simple, nearly invisible aesthetic system that easily aligns teeth.

Why wear braces if you don’t have to?

BeInvisible Clear Aligner System gently straightens your teeth without braces.

It moves your teeth gradually, and aligns them perfectly.

It’s practically invisible and couldn’t be easier to wear. Custom made to fit you comfortably, it features smooth edges
and an anti-bacterial surface.

You can trust the quality of your BeInvisible System because it’s manufactured by Bego Dent, a leader in the
orthodontic industry. Our experience shows you really can have straight teeth without braces, and that’s something to
smile about.

Meet Patient Demand with the Best Value

With an increased awareness of aesthetics, more patients are demanding a simple treatment plan to achieve a beautiful smile.

And, when you prescribe a custom finishing appliance as part of your treatment protocol, the cost of the BeInvisible Aligner System is significantly less than other clear aligner systems.

Since a finishing appliance can eliminate the need for an entire set of refinement trays, chair and staff time is minimized.

0 mm
movement per tray

Corrects minor to moderate anterior crowding and spacing; perfect for treatment of minor orthodontic relapse

  • Each tray generates up to 0.5 mm of movement
  • Hypoallergenic aesthetic material
  • Moderate price point makes them a perfect choice for any patient seeking minor orthodontic treatment
  • Incorporating a finishing appliance limits the number of refinement trays required while correcting posterior open bite – a common result of aligner treatment
  • Final tray can be worn as a retainer

How it works?

BeInvisible is a simple aesthetic system used to correct minor to moderate anterior crowding or spacing.

Similar to traditional braces, BeInvisible places force on anterior teeth allowing movement into desired positions. The movement is achieved incrementally through a series of clear aligner trays.

Each tray generates up to 0.5mm of movement. BeInvisible Basic System includes up to five trays per arch. Most minor to moderate corrections can be achieved in three trays.