Lingual Orthodontics

What are lingual braces?

Lingual braces are the least visible of any form of orthodontic treatment. Hidden brackets, such as lingual braces, are placed behind the teeth on the tongue side, this enabling dental straightening treatment to be completely invisible.

So when you smile, they аre completely hidden from view so when you smile, this way the treatment has no negative effect on the patient’s social life. In spite of the fact they are extremely effective and more under-the-radar than other treatment options, they aren’t as widely known.

 One of the reasons is because not all orthodontists offer lingual braces since the treatment requires specialized training. Well, you are in luck! At our Orthodontic Clinic, Dr. Tanatarec offers lingual braces and he has extensive experience in the treatment .

They are for patients of all ages, and they are ideal for those who want their teeth straightened, without the braces showing. Lingual braces, or Incognito braces, are fixed orthodontic appliances which placement procedure is the same as with other fixed traditional braces. However, they’re small and completely customized to you. We bond them behind the teeth on the tongue side. The hidden braces work in the same way as other types of braces and rely on the interaction between the brackets and wires to apply gentle, continuous pressure to shift the teeth into their ideal positions.

Treatment time with lingual braces is comparable to treatment time with traditional braces. Check-ups are scheduled for every 4 to 6 weeks. Duration of the treatment is between 6 months and 2 years. After the completion of therapy, retainer is mandatory and it is usually advisable that it should be a fixed retainer.

Similar to regular braces, there is an adjustment period with lingual braces since you’re not used to having anything on your teeth, especially on the tongue side. Your tongue will quickly acclimate to sharing space with your brackets and wires. Most patients say it takes between a few days to one to two weeks to fully adjust. The good news is, that lingual hidden braces can be fully customized, so Dr. Tanatarec is able to design them to be smoother and smaller than traditional braces, making the adjustment period even easier. Once you get used to wearing them, lingual braces are super comfortable and you won’t notice you have them in your mouth.

Benefits of Lingual Braces:

  • They are placed behind the teeth, so they are the least visible of all of the types of braces.
  • They are ideal for professionals, adults, teens or anyone who wants to keep their orthodontic treatment under wraps.
  • The revolutionary treatment planning process plan for individual tooth movement for more control and a smile that looks just as promised.
  • Hidden lingual braces can universal 2D or individual 100% 3D customized to your teeth and use state of the art robotic wire-bending technology for unparalleled precision.
  • The brackets are smaller, lower profile and smoother than standard brackets, making them very comfortable.
  • Lingual braces allow you to see the progress of the treatment even though it’s not finished
  • Lingual braces won’t leave permanent white marks on the outside of the teeth
  • They are extremely precise.

Disadvantages of Lingual Braces:

  • Speech Adjustment- Lingual braces can also cause some difficulties with speech
  • They are most expensive type of bracket system.